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Thursday, April 13, 2017
Big News from Mid-Year Conference
Conferences and Conventions can be interesting, tedious or boring at times … but this last Conference was anything but boring! In fact it turned out to be extremely exciting and interesting.
The big news to come out of the Conference is the announcement that our Association has been chosen to participate in a pilot program for Women to become full fledged members of the Association. Our Official Visitor, Grand Chancellor Barb McPherson, kicked off the Conference at the Joint Session by making this huge announcement because we are known by Moose International to be an Association by which men and women work together amicably.
At the men’s separate meeting at which Barb was speaking, the men took a “straw poll” to decide whether or not to ask the Women to join the Association. I’m happy to report that Barb told the women that virtually every man in the room stood to support the proposal.
So, where do we go from here? With the men’s preliminary “yea” vote, they will move toward changing their bylaws and then taking an “official” vote in September. After May 1st, the Grand Chancellor’s office will be sending out a letter to all the Chapters to tell them how to proceed. It will involve probably sending a letter to all members setting a special meeting to vote on this proposal. When all the votes are counted, the majority will rule as to whether or not the women will join the Association.
What are the pros and cons to this proposal? IF the women vote to join, they will be entitled to full votes on all proposals by the Association and will be able to hold elected offices on the Association Board. However, IF the women vote to join, they will also then be assessed the $1.00 per quarter per capita dues that the men now pay ($4.00 per member per year). According to the Grand Chancellor, that is all the monetary obligation the Chapters will be required to pay. The Chapters already support the Association in all their fund raising efforts and that will not change.
So, we have a chance to make history in this Fraternity. As of right now, everything remains the same. Plan and proceed with the Installation of new Officers just like every other year. Work toward completing the challenges of a New Fraternal Year. And watch your mailbox for the letter from the Grand Chancellor for how to proceed in voting on this proposal. If you have any questions or concerns, make them known to Chapter Analyst Coordinator Suzanne Dinning or bring your questions to the WOTM and LOOM upcoming Training Sessions.
Please look through this edition of the “Courier” for more Conference news and updates.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Secretary's Message
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Brothers and Coworkers:
I thought we had a great Mid-Year Conference.  Gary Urwiler and Barb McPherson were outstanding official visitors and the content of the meetings and sessions was very good this time.  If you didn't leave Pasco more charged up than when you arrived, you were likely not paying attention.  And if you didn't attend at all, you missed one heck of a time.
We did select our meeting locations for the next three years.  I am still working on the exact dates, but here are the month/year and location for each:
March 2018 - Chautauqua Lodge, Long Beach
September 2018 - Red Lion, Pasco
March 2019 - Red Lion, Pasco
September 2019 - Red Lion, Pasco
March 2020 - Chautauqua Lodge, Long Beach (if March 2018 works well.  Red Lion, Pasco if not)
September 2020 - Red Lion, Pasco
The biggest news to come out of the Conference overall is that the men stood in overwhelming favor of inviting the WOTM to join WSNIMA.  We are the first Association in the fraternity to try this.  It is now in the hands of the women.  Each Chapter will receive a formal request from the Grand Chancellor requiring them to host a special membership meeting to vote on whether or not to join WSNIMA.  These letters will come out just after the new Moose year starts in May.  I am so excited by the prospect of finally being able to work with women as equals in the Moose.  I really hope the women decide to do it, but they have their decisions to make.  I just see so many possibilities and opportunities for all of us if they join us.  My fingers are crossed.
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