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Saturday, August 26, 2017
Honoring Our Community Heroes at Annual Convention in Wenatchee Sept. 14-17
Plans are still underway for the Annual Convention in Wenatchee on September 14th thru 17th, but at this moment it’s shaping up to be a Convention not to be missed. We’ll be welcoming Assistant General Governor for Moose International Byron Dalton for the LOOM and Past Grand Regent Sandra Thompson for the WOTM as Official Visitors. Let’s show them a warm Pacific Northwest Welcome to our area.
The theme for this convention is “Honoring Our Community Heroes” and to that end we will be doing a variety of activities all week-end long to promote Community Service. So far we hope to have special “guests” during the Friday night fun(d) raising event and we’ll be presenting Tommy Moose and hopefully a nice check on Sunday Morning to the local First Responders. All funds and items collected during this convention will go to our Charities including the Moosehaven Project, Moose Charities, and the local community. Please, you won’t want to miss this and if you can participate in any way, please do.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Secretary's Message
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Brothers and Coworkers:
First of all, thanks to all who made the trek to Tampa and braved the hot, humid weather.  It was an interesting convention where the membership exercised its voting muscle and defeated the no-smoking amendment to the General Laws.  From what I could tell, the vote on it was about 51/49% in favor, but you need 2/3 to vote yes on General Laws changes in order for them to pass.  Many people think Moose International controls things, but this is proof positive that you, the membership have the ultimate say in things.  Please don't forget that.
Second, as most of you know, the men voted in a poll at Mid-Year to see whether the support was there to have the WOTM join the association.  The poll results were strongly in favor of it.  As a result, the Chapters within the boundaries of our Association have or will soon be holding special meetings where they will vote to join or not.
I want to go on record here and say that I am fully in favor of it, and it has nothing to do with the income that would come from the per-capita the chapters would pay.  To me, it has everything to do with leadership.  We often struggle to find qualified people that are willing to fill our positions on the board.  Yet there are dozens and dozens of Collegians out there that can't hold many offices in their chapters and there isn't a lot of opportunity for them to serve in capacities at the WOTM International level.  These are fine women who still want to further the Moose cause.  WSNIMA has a lot of opportunity for them to serve and exercise their leadership abilities.  I am looking forward to the day when I am serving alongside our first of many WOTM Presidents.  I will follow her vision and help her achieve her goals.  I also look forward to women finally having a voice and vote at the district level.  It has always bugged me that women have to sit there and watch the men vote, even though we have a long history of including our women in the discussions at district meetings.
To the ladies out there that have already voted in the affirmative, you have my gratitude for having the courage to vote for a huge change.  To those that have already voted no, I understand and respect your position on it.  In the end, this decision has to be made by the WOTM.  For those that still have the special meetings coming up, I ask you to attend the meeting, weigh the pros and cons ,and vote as you see fit.  As long as all of the facts and ramifications are put out there and special meetings are properly called and marketed, we must respect the outcome of the voting process.  The world will not end either way the vote goes.  I happen to believe it will be a better world if it passes, and nothing changes if it fails.  If it doesn't fly this time, it will likely come up again and pass at some point in the future.
I am looking forward to seeing you in Wenatchee.
President's Message
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Regional Manager's Message
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