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Saturday, August 26, 2017
Aaarrrggghhhh … are you ready for our first Conference at the Ocean? There be treasures galore at the event as we get in the spirit of “Castaways” for our Friday night Fun night!
But that’s not all, this is shaping up to be the Conference you won’t want to miss … our first official Conference as one Association. So it’s going to be different and very special! So far, plans coming out of the Association Board meeting held this last month in Ellensburg, show us with TWO joint sessions where we’ll hear from our joint Chairmen and our Official Visitors. The Women and the Men will also each have one separate meeting to handle their individual and particular business. And, of course, the Women will be holding their usual Academy of Friendship Conferral on Sunday morning where no men are allowed.
Planned also for will be Executive Officer Training Sessions for the LOOM on Saturday and Sunday morning.
We’ll be doing some traveling this year as the hotel is approximately 9 miles from the Lodge and we have to use the Lodge for our Friday morning EZ-ID Event, Friday night Karaoke Competition and Fun Night Events … as well as Friday night dinner and Sunday morning Celebration Breakfast. The Lodge will be providing shuttle service on Friday and Sunday. The Saturday night banquet will be held at the Elks Lodge in Ocean Park and, again, they will be providing us with shuttle service.
Heart of the Community Chairman Joe Fairbanks has a full schedule of events for Friday morning (see page 5) and again, we’ll be out in the community, in the hotel and at the Lodge.
New this year: There is only have one registration form and one registration desk. You are encouraged to register on line at the website at the following link: http://wsnima org00.web808.discountasp. net/conventions-conferences/71st-mid-year-conference/ ;or there is a hard copy form on the website under "Documents" if you wish to use it. It was also e-mailed to your lodge and chapter, so please ask them if you need a copy.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Secretary's Message
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Your board is working on an agenda for our first mid-year conference where we are joined as one.  Yes, there will still be one session where men and women will meet separately, but for the remainder of the time, we will be together.  We will be doing things together both at the hotel and the lodge.  We will also be gathering feedback from you so we can improve the meetings in the future.  Our OVs, Judy Davis and Rodney Hammond will be observing how things work because there are many other associations that are considering a merger.  I have complete faith that we will work great together, and I still look forward to seeing more women join our team.  This is uncharted territory, but I firmly believe that we were right to go first.  Someone asked me in September, "What if a woman takes your job?"  My answer was and remains that if she is the better person for it, I will step aside and help her all that I can.  You have my word on that.
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